About Me

Hi my names Bianca and I made this page to share my journey. My life can only be described as a roller coaster. At times there have been infinite ups and downs but in the end that’s what makes it thrilling. I was born with a rare skin condition known as Epidermolysis Bullosa (I will post a link that outlines more about this). I struggled a lot with bullying and not being able to fit in. As I got older, I have learnt to love myself and not to worry about preconceived judgements of others, which I think is why I waited until now. There is no definition of ‘normal’ and when it comes to stereotypes that are made up by society, I do not fit into any of them but that is ok with me. I believe if my life were different, I would not have learnt how to be strong, resilient and non-judgemental. For that I am proud. There have been curve balls thrown my way at every corner and at the age of thirteen I was diagnosed with Turner’s Syndrome, which was not detected at birth (Will also post a link with more info). To me this did not seem like a big deal, but as I got into my twenties I realised the consequences and the impact this would have on my future, and I guess you could say there was an ‘oh shit’ moment. Again, I would never trade places with another person as this has taught me so much and shaped me into who I am.
On the flip side, along with many challenges, I have managed to complete a Bachelor’s Degree of Criminal Justice and currently studying my Master’s Degree, while juggling volunteering and never-ending doctors appointments (Even writing this makes me feel tired!).  This is a space where I want to share strategies and coping mechanisms that I am hoping will be useful, and will go into more detail as I share my experiences with you. I an absolute makeup addict (that is putting it lightly) and found it very therapeutic and confidence boosting. My goal will be to share my reviews on the beauty products and also share some of my looks as well, bare in mind, I’m not considering myself a professional, just praying to the makeup gods that somehow when I walk out of the house, that I’m presentable while going over my daily mantra of ‘you’ve got this’. I’m excited to begin this new chapter in my life and share with anyone who reads this without skipping out the confronting or hairy details, in hopes that I may influence others in a positive way and believe even though I may only influence one person, that will be enough to fulfil my goal of helping others. This is my reality and really hope that you all enjoy getting to know me as I share my feelings and thoughts, and to not be afraid of how you are perceived by others and just remember to embrace and be happy with who you are.
Much love beauties
Bianca xo